Milan and Paris Fashion Week 2018

I think it’s safe to say that I have finally recovered from the fashion-season-marathon that is Fashion Week. I managed to go to Copenhagen, Berlin, Milan and Paris, sadly loosing London due to my family needing me.

Each year is a bit different than the others and I can truthfully say that I am growing more confident with each year. I have started creating my own, unique style, independent from what others are doing and I feel more centred – even if it looks crazier at first glance. Why am I in fashion if not to celebrate the art of curating exceptional styles!?!

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An Ode to an Essence – Armani’s New Perfume, Si



An Ode to an Essence – Armani’s New Perfume, Si 


Si resonates with me on levels I didn’t imagine possible. In a way that word represents my life -YES.

Yes to business, to love, to growth and passion.

Every day I face new and old challenges that make me give my all to life. Be it as a mother or a business woman, I do everything 100% and more. Life is about shades of grey (no reference to the movie, lol): every aspect can be much of everything, if you think about it. In a day of fashion there is craziness, sweetness, a drop of darkness and a touch of light.

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How to Make The Most Precious Valentine’s Day Gift

The last few years I have spent too much time searching high and low for perfect gifts. Valentine’s Day was especially challenging for me because nothing could really reflect how much I loved and cared for my husband. I would plan months in advance and still end up buying something last minute because I wasn’t 100% happy with what I came up with. All in all, it was sometimes quite stressful, and I was never fully content.

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Self-Care and the Influencer Life

From outside the Influencer Life looks glamorous, fun and exciting. We get to travel to beautiful places, get invited to amazing events and, well, our Insta looks like a picture book of pleasures.

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