Milan Fashion Week 2016 Part 1

When I landed in Milan just 2 days ago, I was in for an unpleasant surprise: it was raining! As you know if you have been following my blog, I like to be prepared. And I almost always am. But I was not expecting it to rain on my first day of fashion week, and certainly didn’t bring the clothes for it. But, I was lucky once more, and a few hours in, the clouds cleared and Milan was sunny and blue-skied as I know and love it.

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Stay Classy

Timeless pieces never go out of fashion. It’s good to have a solid collection of classics that you can always add to the mix and be the occasional ‘safe-bet’. This look is showing a whole bunch of forever-pieces: jeans (jeans will always be a great foundation for an every day look, here my cool new Vetements), a coat in black or camel (I’m opting for leopard by Stella McCartney this time, but you get my drift), black bag and belt and a matching top. Any top with light colours will do the trick, here my nude @Chloe in Langery style. Then only a pair of cool sunnies – the bigger, the better – and you will look amazing!

Your Vik! Much Love

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Bomber for Fall

Yup, this is perfect bomber-jacket weather! There is no way out from to to not tell you about Gigi Hadid’s collaboration with TH. I absolutely love it and now am proud and happy wearer of their bomber-jacket with her signature ‘H’. This jacket (and all of them, actually) fits perfectly to the cool Vetements jeans and new Jimmy Choo sandals, creating a super stylish fall look. Sometimes I feel like I’m just piling on all my favorite pieces and am surprised how great they go together. I guess life is one big experiment, so why shouldn’t fashion be?

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