Travel Log Book # 1 Vikyandthekid’s in Bella Italia

Traveling has always been in my blood. I took my first trip to another continent when I was 16, and I never looked back. There is something about discovering the world that moves and inspires me. I have been blessed with seeing some of the most beautiful and enchanting places in the world, and I would like to share these experiences with you.

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Artipoppe Baby Carrier

As the mother of a young child, there is nothing more beautiful than having your baby rest next to your heart, and being able to sniff the sweet baby-scent on the head. (I know, for other people that sounds a bit crazy, but I promise you: every parent will get a glazed smile thinking about baby-scent and agree.) But, a child, even a newborn, gets very heavy very fast, so no one can carry the baby around all day. I have tried 4 (!) baby wrap-carriers, even going so far as to try a large cloth and selfwrap it. But other than me fearing Matteo will slip out, the cloth cutting off his circulation, or it being simply bulky and unpractical, I couldn’t find something that worked until the Artipoppe Baby Carrier came along.

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Cybex MIOS x Viky

My Dear Mommies or Mommies-to-Be,

I hope you are enjoying these beautiful and sunny summer days. Some of the past weeks have been extremely hot, but I think better that way than the opposite, right!?

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