A new year is always an exciting beginning. A fresh start on a semi-blank slate full of possibilities. I have a million ideas for these next few months, all about outfits, fashion for kids, beauty products and special events… But I also have amazing news: this year I will be expecting a second child!! I’ve been blessed again, and it’s motivating me 100 times more to push my blog to the limit. Life is so colourful, and I want to take you on a journey of how to live through pregnancy by the fullest.

I will be featuring everything about how to stay fit and agile until the end – dress as sexy, cool or sporty as you always have and stay on top of your beauty regime. My collaborating brands and I will be introducing the newest baby equipment and bringing 1001 ideas of how to decorate your nursery in a safe and stylish way. Baby clothes, new-born toys and beauty treatments for pregnant women!? – I’ve got it covered. And for those of you who are currently in a different stage of their lives I will still be covering high fashion and affordable brands to keep you informed.

I’m so excited and happy to have you alongside this part of my life and I have a good feeling for all of us: 2016 will be wonderful!