Waking up today, on the third day of week 29, I realized to my great pleasure how happy I am with my skin and body. During the later weeks of pregnancy, when the whole body is changing so rapidly, it is not easy to feel comfortable. But this time I decided to do a morning and evening routine that would take care of many of the problems one gets during this time.

Of course I’m going to share my discoveries with you, since sharing is caring, and a happy mom is a happy family. I found it very important to do a whole-body peeling twice a week, to help your skin regenerate and get rid of dead cells. You may also be dealing with dry skin like me, and dry skin is not elastic… all of us are quite worried about stretch-marks, so using organic natural body oil in combination with the peeling did the trick for me with Luca, and is doing an amazing job this time! To take extra special care of your baby bump, I suggest these products:

The Tummy Rub Oil

Mama Mio body oil

Estelle & child Baby Pregnancy body oil

Milo Body Peeling

My legs always give me a hard time at the end of the day with swelling and dryness, so I was thrilled to discover the amazing cooling sensation the leg gel by ‘Mama Mio’ gives. Just rub it in after a long day, especially during travel or after wearing high heels, and you will be grateful for the soft soothing effect.

Unfortunately, it’s not only the body that puts up a fight – you have to take extra special care of your face, as well, and probably adjust a few of your regular products. Gentle care is key, and organic brands without aggressive ingredients will give you all the moisture you need without straining your body or harming your unborn child. I’m happy to share my morning ritual as well:

Estelle & child face cream

Tata Harper Detoxifying face cleanser

Tata Harper moisturizing Mask

Taking care of the outside is important, but help from the inside makes all the difference. Especially now you need to drink as much water as you can, and vitalising or detox teas (the ones allowed during pregnancy) will boost your whole system. Fresh fruits and berries keep your vitamin level up naturally and taste great in shakes and with cereal.

With these little tips I hope you will feel fresh, happy in your skin and be able to enjoy this magical and pure time to the fullest!