After having survived not only the Milan, but also the Paris Fashion Week, I am back home in the soothing embrace of my family and Munich. Two weeks of traffic jams, flashing lights, loud music and crowds do make my big small town seem quite lovely.

Of course it will take me a few entry’s to be able share all of the impressions I took home with me, but one I can tell you about right now: I have received many questions about what it is like to attend a defilee, and I’m happy to not only share the videos and pictures, but also what goes on before, during and after a show.

The hardest part of the fashion week is to get invitations. The tickets are coveted and there are many people fighting to get themselves or their clients into the show, never mind get a seat. Milan is quite relaxed, and my Blog was enough to open many doors, but Paris is very strict. Thankfully my writing for the luxury magazine ( Solomon Mines allowed me to be able to attend most of the shows. A good friend of mine, Oliver Mohr CEO of the PR agency Pariser Büro (, told me that if the Fashion Week would be football, Milan would be second and Paris first league.