Once you have the precious invitation, you need to get to where the show is. With over 100,000 visitors, the Fashion Weeks cause traffic to go from slow to creeping. Due to the fact that many shows are within an hour of each other, but easily on the other side of town, you sometimes miss the next show a mere 1-2 km away stuck in a jam.

Now that you survived traffic and are actually on time, you make your way to the entrance of the show and are greeted by sometimes up to hundreds of fans, photographers and guests like you, trying to get in. That’s where the street shots of bloggers, celebrities and models happen. Most big shows do not only have bouncers at the entrance, but also the person responsible for each country with their individual checklists.

As soon as you get in, you need to find your seat, and sit down as fast as possible before someone steals it: the invitations have numbers, not names, so a lot of confusion can happen. The front row is the most important row, of course, and then it goes from 2-8 rows back, plus standing places. I’m pretty sure that the Elie Saab show had more than a thousand viewers.