Usually the shows are half an hour late, then the lights dim, the music blares, and magic happens… Even though each show is no longer than 15 minutes, it can be quite a remarkable and memorable. The show is a master blend of music, lighting and the design of the new collection. I still get all dreamy thinking about the Etro show, and I don’t think I will ever forget it.

Each outfit or look is shown individually, one girl at a time, and then at the end all the girls snake over the catwalk together, giving us the opportunity to view the collection in its whole glory. As soon as the last girl leaves the catwalk, the designer quickly comes down the walk for a few meters, bows and runs back behind the curtain. Then the lights turn on and everybody scrambles to the exit to make it to the next show on time.

Now imagine this 4-8 times a day and you will get the impression what a fashion editor is doing to catch you the best looks for you to choose your next buy from!