A Day In My Happy Pants


Every woman knows those days when you just want to feel free and light. Not to squeeze yourself into skinny jeans or to wear tops that make breathing an attractive option rather than a natural flow.

Now I have good news for you – wearing loungewear outside doesn’t have to be a sign that you’ve given up or that your kid started teething: you can actually get comfy, cosy and smart.


Just find a pair of sweats that are made of high quality jersey. Add a pair of cool sneakers and a nice jacket and – voila – it is understood your outfit is a fashion statement that is fun and relaxing!


As you maybe can tell, I was feeling a bit silly during the shooting, but you don’t have to hang from a tree to celebrate being snug and fashionable.


Enjoy life, be free, feel good. Big hug to you, my darling Readers!

pants-Chloe     shades-Dior      Trench -Zara       Bag-Paula Cadermatori       Top-Polo Ralph Lauren.