Victoria’s passion for fashion has been a life-long one.

Her family remembers her playing dress-up as soon as she could walk, and that fondness of form and fabrics has translated itself into not just a dream, but also a career. Starting from the opposite spectrum of fashion and design, Viktoria travelled the world as a model from the early age of 16. Asia, Middle East, Europe. She’s been there, cat-walked that until deciding she would rather create then just present fashion. In 2012 she founded her women’s leather wear brand “Vira”. 2014, under pressure of her friends and family, who couldn’t get enough of her tips on style and design, she launched her fashion and lifestyle blog “VikyAndTheKid” which gathers new followers and fans every day.


What makes your Blog different to others that are online now?

Well, when I decided to create my blog, my priority was not only writing about fashion, outfits, styling and shopping, but to also include lifestyle as well as everyday life. And if I write about every day, then I need to write about children, too, because Luca is the biggest part of my life.

Fashion is really important to me, I’m always scouting new ideas and inventing new looks. I express myself this way, and I know there are many mothers out there that feel the same way. Having a child or traveling a lot doesn’t leave you much time to decide what to wear, think up new healthy recipes or decide what to do on vacation. I like to give my readers inspiration and something to look forward to – if you do not have the state of mind to chase trends, just click on my page and you will learn everything about baby skin care, healthy tips and high street fashion trends. I got your back!

How come you are living in Munich and not Paris or Milan?

Hmmm… I ask myself that sometimes… ☺

According to my passion of art and fashion I should be living in Paris or New York. But as you can see on my Instagram account: “Love is the reason.” I met my husband 5 years ago, and I never contemplated any place except for at his side.

Munich is sometimes underestimated, too. It is very clean, green and beautiful. You can get to over 5 countries within a day’s drive, and the airport will take you anywhere. Having Luca also makes me appreciate Munich’s safety and the high education standards here. People might think that Germans are square, but it’s quite the contrary: I’ve had some of my wildest adventures with German friends!

What are your favourite brands, and why do you prefer them?

If you read my blog and go through my pictures you will see that I embrace ALL fashion has to offer. I have pieces from thrift stores, as well as high end boutiques. It’s not so much the brand, but how to match the individual pieces to your mood and personality. During my modelling days my budget wasn’t always huge, and I was still content with what I could put together!

Favourite Brands at the moment:
Low budget: Zara, Topshop, Asos
Middle budget: Self -Portrait, Stella Jean, Carvin, Sandro, Maje, N21
Big budget: Chloe, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Burberry Prosrum, Stella mc cartney, Vita Kin

Your son, Luca, is super cute, but does he like being photographed?

This apple did not fall far from the tree… Maybe it was a genetic transformation as I was still working as a model until 2 months before giving birth: He already made enough money while he was still in my belly that I could buy him my beloved icon stroller “Hesba” and some toys.

He had his first in-person shoot when he was 4 weeks old, so he learned early on that being in front of a camera was fun and exciting. Now, when he sees a lens, he automatically starts playing and showing some serious action. But it is quite interesting to see that, the older he gets, the more interested he is in the technical side of the camera. He insists on examining each camera he sees (much to the terror of my photographers) and tries to find out how it functions. I am very happy he enjoys it so much because I have so many unforgettable and precious memories on camera, but the moment he expresses that he doesn’t like it any more, I will not force him.

What inspires you the most?

A little bit of everything seeps into my creations and styles, but I think the street and my son Luca are my biggest muses. Each city has a different street vibe and colouring. The inspiration I get while traveling is simply amazing. Every culture and society has its own look and I like to mix those influences into my looks. Old movies and books are also a great source of inspiration: the 50ies and 70ies are currently rocking my world, and I’m glad they are back in fashion – it feels ‘homey’ to me!