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Some of you may be starting to put together a wish list, as the Christmas season is coming closer and closer. Now is the time to look for that something special that you know will make you very happy when you find it under the tree. And if you don’t feel like waiting that long – it IS still over a month to go – you can add to your winter look and buy a New Year’s outfit instead. As you know, I am collaborating with a few very special brands, and I’m always excited to share their new products and pieces as soon as I get a glimpse.

Rianna and Nina: I accidentally found Rianna and Nina a few months ago while I was scouting the internet for new looks, and it was love at first sight. Their vintage style with flowing Kimonos and unique bags upgrades any outfit with a bit of Boheme chic. I would say the IT bag of their winter collection is definitely the beautiful Bonbon bag, which accompanied me through my fashion week adventures. The collection has really grown in the last few months, and I’m sure you will discover one or the other love for yourself.


Aigner is most certainly no newcomer, and the quality of the bags is breath-taking. Their bags found its way into my heart and to my side over the last few months, and I wouldn’t want to miss them. I was a bit surprised that I developed such an addiction to their signature backpack, as I am generally not a backpack girl. But in this case Aigner managed to bridge the gap between functional and stylish, and I am grateful they did. Just as Rianna and Nina bring a bit of funk into a look, Aigner transfers just the right amount of class into an otherwise maybe too crazy style.

Some of my favorites for this season and a street styles:

Metropolitan Cybill S -New York bag

Andora New It bag

Backpack fidelio

Genoveva bag

Timea bag

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Shop directly on:

www.aignermunich .de