When I moved to Munich I had heard about the Oktoberfest before, but hadn’t ever thought about it. It never occurred to me what an impact it would have on Munich, and therefore also on my life. My first Wiesn (as Germans call it) was an adventure in itself, the millions of visitors all dressed in Bavarian folk costumes, the music, and the colours being quite overwhelming. But the spirit and pure joy that was in the air the weeks of the fest were – and are – unescapable. And so, I did what I deemed best, and has served me well… I embraced it. 

The thing is, you can’t embrace the Oktoberfest without embracing the traditional Bavarian garb! Leather pants with suspenders and chequered shirts for the men, Dirndls for the women. And you can’t embrace traditional Bavarian garb without finding yourself unavoidably elbows deep in fabrics at LODENFREY.


LODENFREY is for me the epitome of traditional wear. They are a huge store that has all kinds of brands and styles, from streetwear to black tie, but they also excel at offering the best Dirndl fashion in all of Bavaria. This year I discovered Gottseidank Dirndls and Susanne Spatt for myself and was super excited to find unusual and unique looks that embrace both tradition and fashion.

Usually modern Dirndls are all about curves, mostly the upper two. And while it is good to celebrate what God has blessed us with, the styles can be quite conforming and repetitive – there are only so many cleavage cuts one can use. If you follow my blog, you will know that I lean more towards fashion statements than towards sexy looks, so I was very satisfied to find a new cut emerge this season: high neck both for the dresses and the blouses. I already introduced my first pick in a shooting with my two boys a few weeks ago, the second two were shot at Tegernsee in a very much Bavarian style. Natural hair and make-up, surrounded by green and flowers elevating the fresh and modern spirit of the two Dirndls and highlighting my own personality.


I was so comfortable with my dresses, Gottseidank Dirndl sporting an interesting mix of light and heavy fabrics. Stag stitching and a long arm blouse beautifully representing Bavarian folklore. Susanne Spatt skirt was a bit shorter in balance to the closed cleavage of the dress. In both I felt elegant, light and comfortable in my own skin AND ready for my first beer at Octoberfest!


LODENFREY outdid themselves again this year, I love working with them. I must say that I was very pleased and tickled to find myself on the elevator screen while my fellow passengers were discretely trying to figure out if it was really me or not. In fact – my chosen dresses were such a success that they were sold out in the store!


If you need to go get a last-minute Dirndl, LODENFREY still has plenty left, some of the ones not in the store anymore can be bought on the website. But… HURRY!

In the meantime, I am heading towards my favourite tent, Käfer Zelt, to have some roasted duck and maybe a beer or two.

Happy Oktoberfest,