Only a few days left until Christmas, and even though preparations are running high, I can feel the sense of calm slowly coming over me and my loved ones. Now it is about perfection and getting the last (most likely extra) gifts for your friends and family. All these days we have spent imagining how they light up when they unpack our gifts, is making us want to get more.

Of course perfection can also be found at home. Just think about the Christmas dinner table decoration… The candles, the colors and the beautiful china. Just looking at my table makes me feel all happy and fuzzy inside. Of course I wouldn’t want to keep that for myself, so I am happy to share my Christmas decoration tips with you:

My absolute favorite is a dining set by Diana von Fürstenberg. The label Sieger stars her china, and I just love the old fashion and yet strikingly modern design. The beautiful black, gold and white colors can be combined in a million different ways, keeping your decoration unique and stylish. You can see how I put the sets together to get an idea. Then you will want to add glasses. Good quality glasses can make a big difference for the elegance of the whole table. Here I used gold and white water glasses and Riegel champagne glasses, which fit perfectly to the whole setting.

Since its Christmas I got to splurge in a bit nostalgic way, adding adorable deer figurines, small santa houses and cute trees. Just that sparkle that makes this seasons decoration so special! The colors are bronze and white with nature colors and candles. Add some dry fruit and nuts for some warm, homey atmosphere.

I am quite happy with my table, I am spending more time than usual in my dining room soaking up the vibes, and I hope I could inspire you a bit!