The Amfar Milan 2016

There are events and then there are EVENTS… The Amfar is undeniably one of the most beautiful evenings one can attend while helping battle the scourge of humanity which is HIV. I am in no mind to deny that I have been blessed incredibly in the last few years: my husband and children are (almost) always a delight, my job is slowly going where I want it to go and I am of good health. It has become a goal of mine to contribute towards fighting injustice, poverty or disease in some way or the other, and Amfar is definitely a lovely way of doing so!

There is no denying that Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world, so you can imagine what happens when the beautiful, the famous and the creative get together to celebrate a good cause: a breath taking event with supermodels, Victoria Secret Angels and actors. Karolina Kurnikova gracefully co-hosted the evening with Adriana Lima, auctioning off art pieces from the Monopoly Man, Vintage Champagne from Moet and backstage tickets to the upcoming Victoria Secret show in London for 100 000 (!) Euros.

The food was great, we had a lovely table full of interesting people, and I got to dance for the first time after giving birth to Luca. All in all I can say that I seldom have had such a glamourous night, and am starting to think if I should go to the Amfar in Cannes next year…

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