IMG_6591Following the birthday tradition my husband and I established five years ago, I chose a new city to explore and celebrate my special day – Amsterdam. I hadn’t been to this beautiful and cool city before, and it was high on my to-visit-list. Next year is going to be Ireland, and who knows where after that, maybe you have a suggestion?

I think Amsterdam was the perfect choice for a holiday to unwind, relax and explore before fashion week starts and everything goes crazy. I completely fell in love with the city: the canals, coffee shops, restaurants and galleries are all unique, special and a tad bit different from anywhere I have been yet. Amsterdam feels young and old at the same time, and though its population is actually quite small with only 1 million people, it’s still a buzzing capital.

The fashion scene is full of inspired boutiques as well as a posh high street with all the known brands that your heart desires. In the old town I discovered and treated myself with a beautiful knitted cardigan, its super soft and voluminous shape making it very stylish. And every now and then we would take a break and have a seat on one of the many terraces to enjoy the beautiful weather while having a tea. Of course there are many marihuana coffee shops, and we always made sure that our drinks and snacks didn’t have a bit more ingredient than we bargained for…

I highly recommend Bridge’s restaurant. We went there on the first evening and I loved the food and amazing service. (Price 10). The second evening was very exciting as well as we got a table at the famous restaurant “The Kas” who’s menu is based on biologically farmed food that they themselves own. It was very impressive and the food was fantastic!

If you want to get a good picture of the city vibes, you should try out two hotels as we did: we stayed both in the “Sir Albert” and the “The Dylan” hotel. Both are very different but lovely in their own way.







1st Day!








2nd Day!





3rd Day!


Outfit details:

1st day: Chloe Sweater, Chloe trousers. The bag and the hat both handmade in Amsterdam.

2nd day: Chanel long cardigan with a Joseph sweater. The hat by Stella McCartney, sneakers by Hogan and bag by Rianna and Nina.

3rd day: Maje blazer, Joseph sweater, Chloe boots, JBrand jeans, and the hat from Amsterdam.