Ah… The last few days before Christmas, and it’s hard to find a moment to pause. But we should: now, while all the decorations are up and everyone is in a festive mood, is the time to just sit back and savour the moment. Take a break from the rushing, planning and shopping to snuggle in front of your fireplace (if you don’t have a fireplace in your home, there are CD’s just showing a crackling fire, and they are actually quite nice) with a cup of tea.

When I make myself cosy I like to gather all my pillows, blankets and of course change in to something soft and warm. Then put on some soft Christmas carols and brew a jasmine tea.

Take this lovely Sunday and last Advent to gather your loved ones – or take a minute just for yourself – and just breathe. Life will be on the fast track soon enough.

Happy fourth Advent!