Of course the Alexander McQueen exhibition was a spectacle. Just walking through the entrance into the dark and morbid yet enchantingly beautiful chambers was exciting…

At first I was a bit annoyed that you needed to pre-book and only had a 2-hour timeslot, but once I saw the small and winding location, it was clear why they had to do it that way.

The curator built the exhibition starting with his early work, even his graduation piece was on display, which I found to be a beautiful touch. It was quite eerie to see how his trademark dark and brooding interpretation of fashion snaked its way through all his different phases, no matter what the inspiration.

Never mind that the McQueen atelier is one of the best, crowning each couture piece with outstanding and breath-taking craftsmanship, but each gown actually is a piece of art.

I understand how people less enamoured by fashion then me argue that fashion is a hype and not real art, but I dare them stand by that statement while standing in front of one of his creations.


Throughout the exhibition one could feel the dark and ominous moods McQueen must have gone through. I felt that he was always close to death, even amidst the celebration of beauty and life. Passion, pain and anger flow through his collections, always clouded by the beauty of his fabrics and the strong yet soft discourse of the female form.


You could tell he embraced nature, fully understanding the destructive force behind all living and the eminent danger of change, ergo death.

Having said this, I was not only touched by the beauty of the collections, but also by the artist, and would highly recommend you to go and book a ticket to see for yourself.