As the mother of a young child, there is nothing more beautiful than having your baby rest next to your heart, and being able to sniff the sweet baby-scent on the head. (I know, for other people that sounds a bit crazy, but I promise you: every parent will get a glazed smile thinking about baby-scent and agree.) But, a child, even a newborn, gets very heavy very fast, so no one can carry the baby around all day. I have tried 4 (!) baby wrap-carriers, even going so far as to try a large cloth and selfwrap it. But other than me fearing Matteo will slip out, the cloth cutting off his circulation, or it being simply bulky and unpractical, I couldn’t find something that worked until the Artipoppe Baby Carrier came along.

Living quite a fast moving life WITH my little family means I need to have easy, light-weight, practical and functional baby equipment that I can take with me on a plane, train and on a boat. Being the fashion addict that I am, it needs to look good, too… Well, with Artipoppe, I have finally found what I was looking for: the baby carriers are all made of exclusive blends like Japanese silk and cashmere. The quality is beautiful and allows the baby’s skin to breathe. It comes in many colours and patterns, you will not be surprised to see that I opted for the leopard look 😊.

  • 50% mulberry silk 50% cotton
  • Jacquard woven
  • Machine washable270 gr/m2
  • Made in The Netherlands



Oll2ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp0ö5 (one of the cats sat on my screen 😀 )

I’m so very happy I found Artipoppe, and that we have begun to collaborate. It is always exhilarating to find a company that does something so well, and be a part of it. And on top of that, Matteo and I get to be close while discovering the world, one day at a time.


The Artipoppe Baby Carrier will be available from this autumn, keep an eye on their Instagram page for updates on release dates.

Happy summer days,

In cooperation with Artipoppe.

Love, Vik


Photo credit: Mario Villanueva