As summer gradually starts fading into the first precursors of fall, I take a good look at my beauty routine and make sure that I am up to date with everything my skin needs.

I can confidently say that my skin has been able to absorb all the Vitamin D it can take, lifting both my mood and tan depth. Now I need to make sure that there are no skin damages from my many beautiful days spent in the water and under the sun. I am meticulous with my after-sun hydration routine and anti-aging care, but one can never be too vigilant with one’s skin. Especially since this fall we are looking at glowing, healthy and fresh skin, barely touched by nude make up, slight brushes of natural bronze and maybe a whiff of perfume to celebrate life. “Skin Boosting Super Serum” by Dior has done miracles on my face and neck, detoxing from any harmful chemicals while making sure my look is as youthful and healthy as it should be. The regenerating eye cream by La Mer acts as its secret support weapon, if the warm nights get a bit too long…

August Summer Fading4
August Summer Fading5
August Summer Fading6
dior gürtel
Augenpflege The Eye Concentrate von La Mer

This summer I have been loyal to three scents that accentuated my long sunny days and starry warm nights to the max: Miss Dior by Dior, all scents by Aerin Lauder (Estee Lauder’s daughter) and even Emporio Armani. While Aerin stands for lightness, femininity and subtle, lingering bouquets such as “Amber Mask”, Armani’s “Because It’s You” seduces with its sexy and husky essence both in the men’s and women’s version of perfume.

August Summer Fading
August Summer Fading2
August Summer Fading3
armani you3

For those of you who feel like a splash of colour is a must to the nude look, or that the advancement of fall calls for bolder tones, Dior’s dark berry lipstick is just the perfect touch you are looking for: deep red, almost purple lips with clean, simple hair and nude make up is sure to be an eye-turner where ever you go!

August Summer Fading7
rouge dior limitierte herbst edition2
one essential dior
rouge dior liquid 2
miss dior

I hope you’re not too sad about the passing of the summer – each season has its own beauty!




Photo credit: Mario Villanueva