I know that being on a boat with a baby can be controversial. There are many, many things that look like fun toys to the little ones, but to us look like full-blown baby traps. But if you take the time to watch your child and close all the doors heading out into the open sea, being on a boat with a baby can be quite the delight.

In the last few weeks for instance Luca became speedy-Gonzales on four legs. He’s so fast that I have to follow him in a slow jog… But on the boat he zips around in circles so I know he’s not getting very far.

If your child loves water but is still too small to go swimming in the sea off of the boat you can actually buy a kiddie pool to put on deck. Luca squeals with delight and can hardly be persuaded to leave the pool anytime he gets to go in. We put up an umbrella and – voila – he has his own little leisure centre.

And, to my own squeals of delight, Bioderma just brought out sunscreen 50 for babies. It’s very easy to apply and soaks in immediately, unlike the sticky and rubbery consistency of other brands. Luca doesn’t mind it, either, so putting on his sunscreen isn’t like baby-world-war 3 anymore.

As if the sun and the clear blue water off the coast of Ramatuelle wasn’t dreamy enough, our cook finds the most luscious juicy fruits, fresh vegetables and seafood so recently fished it’s still singing “Under The Sea.” This way you don’t have to alter the healthy diet you have introduced to your child back home. 14 months old and Luca has never tasted sugar… Let’s see how long I can keep that up! (Eye Catcher sunglasse  boutique in Munich ) (lovely summer overalls and hat ) (sun and baby skin protection ) (babys sweetest flip flops)






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