A Friendly Guide to Children’s Shoes

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I am always looking for the best, healthiest, most fashionable and comfortable products for my children, ESPECIALLY in shoes. And you know that once I find a good thing I am quite loyal, so prepare yourself for another gushing: my 3-year friendiversary with Naturino and Falcotto, the Italian shoe brand for children.



Naturino has been making high quality kids shoes for many years now, and launched Falcotto later, specializing on baby shoes. The wonderful thing about this company is the superb craftmanship and quality of the shoes – if you have boys, you know how durable shoes have to be. Luca and Matteo are on their feet 24/7 it seems, jumping, running, falling, kicking and crawling. I haven’t experience one shoe break as of yet, and the way they are designed is to make sure the children’s feet are protected, stable and still flexible enough for sensory growth. Especially Falcotto is made for the very first steps a baby makes, where proper foot positioning and cushioning is key.




Me being me, I also need my boys to look cute, fun and fashionable if can be. This year Naturino rocked their collection with sneakers adorned with neon-green soles and cool colours. Luca loves his shoes and always grabs for them first, while Matteo got to wear the classic and comfortable Falcotto shoes.

I packed them for our family vacation on Mallorca for an endurance test, so to speak: 5 days of small hikes, climbing through multiple playgrounds, city tours and even horseback riding. We had a blast, and the boys never complained once about their feet – a complete success if you ask me! The shoes are light and easy to pack which is really important to me, they are colourful, fun and healthy. So far, they are my one and only, and I’m very happy to recommend them. I get asked about shoes from young mothers a lot, and after 3 years of partnership with Naturino and Falcotto I stand by them being the best I have tried!


Shop Luca Naturino sneakers

Uk   https://www.naturino.com/shop/we_en/naturino-sammy-leather-and-net-sneakers-grey-fluo.html
De  https://www.naturino.com/shop/de_de/naturino-sammy-leather-and-net-sneakers-grey-fluo.html


Shop Matteo Falcotta shoes

Uk   https://www.falcotto.com/we_en/falcotto-divac-vl-leather-sneakers-navy-blue
De  https://www.falcotto.com/de_de/falcotto-divac-vl-leather-sneakers-navy-blue