Hello my Lovelies,

As with all things beautiful and beautifying, I enjoy discovering and writing about said discoveries. Some products that I will introduce today I have been using for some time, some are very new, but all have one very important matter in common: they are natural and organic cosmetic products!
When I first received my A4 COSMETICS Starter Set, I was very excited to be able to try out new organic skin care. After both my pregnancies I must admit that my efforts to eat and live clean and healthy have gone through the roof. There are some great products on the market, but some are simply hard to get and the good ones are often sold out. So even though I’m always on the lookout for natural cosmetics, I’m especially excited when they find me!

Now, A4 COSMETICS is a special brand, very dedicated to natural processing and high quality natural ingredients. My two favourite products from their brand are definitely the Magic Elixir and Face Delight Moisturizer. The thing that makes them so outstanding is that A4 COSMETICS is good for all skin types and the great range of products they offer.

I love that they not only want to provide their clients with great skin care, but actually really care about the environment and the natural ingredients they are using! After trying a few different products by A4 COSMETICS, I got stuck on the Magic Elixier: it feels like I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep in months (thinking of it, I haven’t – not since Matteo was born!!) and am always trying to look fresh, even after a 5-hour night. Having the hectic schedule that I have doesn’t help, either, so anything that will add a glow is my hero. Arganöl, Baobaböl and many other natural essentials help regenerate my skin and take away the tired grey sheen that being mother to two energetic little boys while building a business can sometimes do to a woman.

Now that winter is coming I have gone back to my experiment phase of trying a new product every so often – if a cream can make my skin feel peachy during a harsh winter day, then it already has made me a fan! This was exactly what led me to their Face Delight Moisturizer. While using, it I discovered that my skin was coping wonderfully with traveling and cold air. If I’m having a particularly hard day, I sometimes use the two products together.

During the night, I have started to use the Night Watch cream by A4 COSMETICS, and twice weekly the SOS Contour and Lifting Complex. Every minute of the day can be used to actively regenerate and replenish oneself, and the skin is, after all, the biggest ‘organ’.

If you care about natural and organic cosmetic, A4 COSMETICS is a must-have and I promise you will not regret trying! For more and to shop my favourites, go to A4 COSMETICS Shop.

I wish u a glowing day!

Xx Vik