After a hectic and exhilarating few fashion weeks full of traveling and business, I can refocus back to my family, Munich, and aaaah… Autumn!

Late autumn and the first signs of winter make me feel like staying at home, being all cosy and drinking tea with my baby boy. Well, he’s not a baby any more, but he’s still up for cuddling and playing, always making me laugh and be thankful I have him

. But even the sweetest of all children has one or the other habit that can drive a mother crazy, and my little ball of energy just hates going to bed… he knows mom and dad are still up, and get serious bouts of FOMO even though his eyes are almost too heavy to keep open. If you have a child, you will know that children develop incredible imagination to squeeze just a few minutes out of the day in order to stay up longer. Luca is not different, so I developed a grand plan of getting him to bed and sleepy without too much drama:

The key ingredient is to calm him down towards the end of his day. If he is relaxed and calm, he is more open to the whole process. So after dinner no more watching a cartoon. We play quiet music and don’t play games that involve chasing or excitement. Since he loves to take baths since the tender age of 2 months, a warm bath with soothing oils by Bonpoint that calm the senses and nurture the skin. We play a bit with his water toys, and as soon as he gets sleepy, I put him in the cutest and softest Bonpoint pyjama that exists. Just snuggling into the supple fabric works wonders with his willingness to go to bed.

Of course, even the best mom-grand-plan doesn’t always work, and sometimes we do have to make a stop at a his favourite toys and play a while, but usually I can bribe him to go to bed if a toy can come along for the night. What special and enjoyable moments in our life, no matter how mundane – they are the ones that keep us up and going!

Furniture by “Silvera” and “Kidsmill” Pyjama and skin care by “Bonpoint”. Happy Weekend and keep on reading to our next Halloween fun!!