Baby it's cold outside!

At least that what we say now while leaving the house every morning to bring our kids to school and kindergarten. In my case I have a lot of early morning appointments as an influencer, and it’s getting harder and harder to create a stylish look or wear my favourite pieces of the summer season. The clothes I need now have to be warm, light and have a great look… uhhhh, its getting complicated!

Or at least it was until I was introduced to the light and stylish Bernardo down coats. My daily outfits with my kids really have to allow me to move and not feel restrained, and while fashion is many things I love, its seldom truly comfortable. With Bernardo Coats I feel free and yet warm, and believe me, that can be considered a blessing! Just last week I was going on a walk with Luca in one of our nearby parks. It was sunny yet cold and when Luca took off at high-speed to look at something, I was very happy with my light weight petrol coloured Barnardo jacket. And if you give it a thought, you can still make a winter look really stylish: all you need to do is add layers and layers. That’s what I call a cabbage-look and its very convenient for entering warm housed and restaurants during a cold day.

While trying out new things I completely fell in love with my new jacket together with cropped jeans, nude sweater and a large knitted scarf. After adding my super trendy silver boots, and I was skipping (warmly) through the city, very much happy with the whole look.

And the beauty of a light yet warm down jacket such as Bernardo is that it matches with almost any casual style and traveling. Jogging outfits, cashmere overalls, sneakers or boots – you name it, it all looks great together!
Very important fact that the insulation is cruelty free and animal friendly!

What is your favourite winter wear? If you like something protective and cosy, something that keeps you warm, but doesn’t weigh you down, you should definitely check out Bernardo jackets in all different colours: click here.

Stay warm and happy,

Your V