How to keep your kids feet warm, cosy and healthy – my 2 best childrens shoe fashion tips for 2017


falcotto naturino 1

Finding the right shoes for your child is one of the most challenging and important choices as a parent.The first few years of children’s footwear will shape the way they walk for the rest of their lives, how aligned their bones positioning is and even how healthy their backs will be. That’s nothing I take lightly, and I know you don’t either. But how to find shoes that support the feet, are sturdy, yet flexible and aren’t too expensive? Kids grow out of shoes in seconds, it seems. 


Search no more!

I found the two brands that will cover your shoe needs up to the teenage years!  

Part of my job – and my big passion – is to research the best of fashion, and when it comes to kids fashion, I am particularly interested in wellbeing. So since Luca was born I have been trying out different shoe brands and always been coming back to the same two: Falcotto and Naturino. Falcotto and Naturino both combine the most important aspects of children’s shoes! The soft soles and sturdy shafts of their shoes are perfect for climbing, running and long walks. They give the growing feet space to wiggle, move while still protecting them. I always check how my kids feet are positioned and love how easy they stand. We just came back from Cape Town were the boys and I went hiking, strolling through the city and on beach walks, without complaining about their feet for a second. I know how much that means because Luca can get VERY vocal about some of the fashionable shoes I try with him.


falcotto naturino 2

Does that mean goodbye fashion?

Thank God it doesn’t! Falcotto and Naturino are Italian brands and they create cute, stylish and detailed kids shoes that match with any look. Usually I put Luca in Naturino and Matteo in Falcotto because of how they cater to different age groups, and both go super well with jeans and jogging pants. My favourite look for Luca are black boots from Naturino – they are so stylish and adorable when he wears his little gentleman looks. Matteo has camouflage sneaker for a hip city mix and match. 


falcotto naturino 3

You think they might be too expensive? Think again! Both shoe brands for kids are affordable and of such high quality that 2-3 generation of kids can easily wear them before they go to ‘shoe heaven’! I love to give my outgrown things away, and our shoes are always very popular! And while the shoes are great for warm weather in Cape Town, just add thick socks, and you can get through cold German weather as well! I have to say that the winter collection is pretty darn cute, so I’ll probably be investing in a pair each, anyway. I’m kind of a fan like that…