When hearing the term “Fashion Week” most people think of adult couture, slim and elegant models, artistic designs and much pomp.

But now I will tell you about children couture, cute and lively models, sunny designs and much, much fun. Yes, I am talking about Bonpoint, one of my favourite children’s brands and the secret star of the Paris Fashion Week.

I have been buying Luca pieces of Bonpoint’s collection ever since I discovered them last year, being a fan and avid admirer of the lovely children’s brand. But ever since the show I can stop swooning – it took place in a botanic house near the Jardins de Luxemburg. They built a small log cabin where the children would spill out in light pastel jubilations of summer, skipping, dancing and prancing down the long cat walk. One or the other child decided he would rather not finish the walk and ran back to the cabin halfway, very much to the merriment of the spectators. The children were exceptionally sweet, from very little to teenage, going alone or in groups and enjoying the attention. It was almost as fun to watch the crowd beam while watching the show – my neighbour kept jumping up to take pictures, carried away by the fantastic atmosphere. And if all that wasn’t dreamy enough, during the last minutes of the show they released huge white confetti over the stage and viewers snowing down on us like cherry blossoms.