One of my favourite subjects in my blog is skincare for my child or myself. Other than being naturally curious about what is on the market, I like to research natural and biological products. At the beginning I had thought it might be better to stick to women’s fashion and beauty. But once you have a child, priorities shift, and it would not be me to exclude the most important factor of my life: my child.
And what a great choice that was: I not only get to frolic in the wonderful world of fashion, but am able to dive in to the playful realms of children’s clothes, toys and skin care products. Now that I am collaborating with my favourite children’s brand, Bonpoint (yay!), they gave me a sneak peak of some amazing news: we all know and love Bonpoint for their lovely clothes and toys, but since two years they have been working on a mother and child skin care line! It has just launched, and exceeded all my expectations.