Dear Moms, Dads, Aunties, and everyone who has a little whirlwind in their lives!

The cold time of the year is pretty much there, it’s really chilly in the mornings and we need to start getting ready for the deep of the winter. I can’t wait to watch my boys play in the snow, and as this is Matteo’s first winter, how he handles the cold.

You are probably running around looking for the right outfits because your little caterpillar has long outgrown last seasons winter wear – and having the right gear makes all the difference! As I like to be prepared, I have already started ordering my favorite outfits since August, and finally they arrived!

I always am surprised and delighted by Il Gufo’s new collections, I love their wonderful looks for children so much! As long as I can still choose what my boys wear I will take advantage of that and will be dressing my double troubles in sets. Matteo is already 6 months (it feels like yesterday that I got him), and Luca is a cute little whirlwind with his long hair and never ending energy.

Since it takes a while after ordering in Autumn to actually receive the clothing, I was super psyched when my IL Gufo package came yesterday, with all the beautiful and fun pieces I have been waiting for for so long. I dressed my boys straight away in cosy and warm home outfits while we cuddled and enjoyed the warmth indoors.

I am a big fan of shirts and cardigans mixed together for boys, this seasons grey and red look is so cool. I let Luca wear my favorite piece of the season straight away! I am already smitten by my sons, but when they are matching (I put Matteo in a soft and comfy shirt with trousers), I just feel I want to eat them up – they look like miniature gentlemen!

The beauty about Il Gufos children’s clothes is that their range covers every aspect of a kid’s life: on Fridays, for example, I love taking my sons to the park so Luca can play, run around and work off some of that crazy energy. With his super light down jacket and cool grey boots with extra insolation for warmth, he can play his little heart out and I know he is protected. And even though Matteo is tucked away in his stroller, I have him wear the grey coat almost every day. I can see that he loves the softness of the fabric and the freedom to move his little arms and legs at will.

If you haven’t had the time to do your children’s winter clothes-shopping, or maybe you are in denial that summer is over (I understand!), here are a few pieces you will need and can check off your list as soon as you have them:

  • Down jacket
  • Two pair of warm boots (one should be water resistant)
  • Functional and warm hat
  • Sweaters to mix with jeans or jogging pants
  • Baby winter overalls for taking walks or a very warm soft jacket (like the grey one Matteo wears almost everyday)

Il Gufo also has amazing winter pyjamas and adorable home wear styles which I will feature in my next blog! I really do love quality and style, but even more so when it is as functional as Il Gufo always makes their clothes!

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. And if you like anything you say Luca or Matteo wear, you can shop the complete collection right here: Il Gufo

Happy Autumn days,

Your V