In only four days of being in Cape Town, we have already managed to go to the beach, do a sunset yoga class and get a massage at one of the lovely hotel spas.

Wether it’s visiting the Botanical Garden or hiking Lion's head, there is so much to do, it makes my head spin – while we knew exactly where to start, it will be a big problem knowing where to stop…

Luca has taken his first long distance trip in a stride, he’s very calm and enjoys all the exciting new impressions flooding his curious little head. Of course I take extra care not to overwhelm him; when you can hear him before you see him because he’s so excited, I know it’s time to take him to the kiddie pool for a cool down. He took quite a liking to all things aqua, and is not easy to get out of the pool once he’s splashing around … I have the slight suspicion he might think he’s a fish!

Since we arrived and I’ve been able to see how my family is reacting to the glorious weather and fresh foods here in South Africa, I have been toying with the idea to spend the winter months in the coming years here. All the amazing fruits, vegetables and good quality meat you get here in the shops and organic restaurants make it so easy to offer husband and child a well-balanced and nutritious meal they actually enjoy eating. Especially Luca needs all the sunlight and vitamins he can get for his development.

On our very first day we went straight to a beach at Camps Bay, a very happy and sun oil drenched Luca squealing in delight at the sight of the ocean. After some unnecessary worrying on my side (“No, Luca, sand is not food. Hmmm, is that just a sparkle on the water or is it a shark with an appetite for baby boys?!?”), we had a grand day of playing. My suspicion that he thinks he’s a fish has been confirmed, and we all slept like babies that night.

The next day we pillaged the shops at the waterfront mall and enjoyed some people watching at one of the lovely cafes on the planks, watching visitors from all over the world stroll by with a smile on their faces.

But today was my secret highlight: if you come here, please make the time to go to the Botanical Garden in Kirstenbosch … it was one of the most beautiful places I have been to, and it really touched my heart!
What a first few days, I feel like I’ve been here much longer and there is still so much to discover…