How to be smart casual in the most relaxed city in the world: a cool styling guide to Cape Town with Vero Moda and Pilgrim jewellery – the last 2017 trip to the sun (2 looks that will have you smiling).

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Cape Town is an exciting place to visit 

Especially if you live in Europe during the winter, the promise of summer on the other side of the world is enough to get most people going. That and the beautiful landscape, the towering Table Top mountain and deep endless ocean are some of the many reasons worth traveling to South Africa. Unfortunately, Cape Town is still ranked amongst the most dangerous cities in the world, so it’s advisable to read your safety instructions, listen to your concierge about when to go where, and not bring your jewellery and expensive bags.

But the beauty about Cape Town is you don’t need all that! South Africa’s, and especially Cape Town’s residents are of the most beautiful people you will see, and yet they are so laid back, casual and relaxed, that one instantly gets the feeling one can breathe and just be oneself. I certainly have, and so packing was a great challenge of a different kind: how can I express my fashion-self and still let my hair down? 

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Two beautiful, laid-back brands helped me find my Look.

I went a bit crazy while choosing my Pilgrim jewellery: layers of necklaces of different lengths, earrings, bracelets, you name it! Each piece alone is a looker, but combined they make a great styling addition that had people turning heads and asking me what brand I was wearing. Vera Moda was the perfect smart casual attire for Cape Town, a dressed-down but fashionable street wear that works for dining out as well.    

Sunds out


viky capetown 5



The best part? I could mix and match away! My favourite Vero Moda look was a blue dress with a red turtleneck (I’m all about turtlenecks these days), a red OFFWhite messenger bag, a denim jacket and socks to go with my Chanel boots. It felt cool but still sporty and smart casual enough for my surroundings.



And then Goodbye… It was hard to say goodbye to Cape Town, its chilled vibes and beautiful landscape, but I’m glad I got to know Vero Moda and Pilgrim a bit better, they will definitely become part of my outfits, no matter where I go!




Thank you, Vero Moda and Pilgrim for your friendly corporation, you have a new fan in me!


                                                          Love, Viky