Today I took advantage of the weather playing crazy and took a nice long walk in what looked like a spring day in the middle of February. My partner in crime couldn’t be missing, of course, so Luca and I strolled the city together with his beautiful new stroller by Cybex Priam in my favourite grey melange colour. Fun-Fashion-Fact: Grey is a new black for me, so simple but full of character and style.

This masterpiece is perfect for long city days and weekends out in the countryside simply because it is so sturdy despite it being very light and easy to fold. When we take “Car” (as Luca eloquently named our stroller) out he jumps in without needing to be persuaded. I know he loves to go out and explore, but I dare say the level of comfort Cybex  Platinum Priam strollers offer is his main motivation. With three different positions to chill, soft fabrics and a soft suspension I sometimes envy him after a long shopping marathon. It’s an amazing union of quality, luxury and comfort!

The great thing is that, even though Luca is already 20 months old, he will be able to use the stroller until he turns three: there is an extender to accommodate growth spurts until they get too old for strollers. Gotta love it!

For all the stylish and modern mothers: Cybex strollers up your game just as much as a beautiful accessory would. If you have a child you know how important a high quality and secure stroller is, and if it fits into a coffee shop as “Car” does, then you absolutely have a keeper!

Cute Luca decided he would push the stroller himself for a change. I don’t mind a little help from my little guy… He is wearing:


  • Mini Rodini Mickey beanie
  • Bonpoint pants
  • Hogan sneakers
  • Cardigan from

Enjoy this feed and keep following us on our way to Mallorca with a new exciting travel Stroller.