How to survive fall not only cozy and warm, but also super trendy in denim and teddy bear coats – Vikyandthekid’s top 4 fall 2017 fashion must-haves. (3 Exciting fall fashion colours).

Finding the right fall fashion can be daunting…

If you live in Europe you’re probably experiencing daily weather changes from sunny to rainy days, and snow is just around the corner! What do you wear in an unpredictable season like that and still look fashionable and trendy?


Don’t worry:

I have 4 fall fashion trends that will help you get through the weeks looking fab AND feeling cozy and comfortable!



I’ve been a bit quiet after the Fall Winter Fashion Week, and I’m sorry about that. There was so much to catch up with and do, but now I’m back with 4 cool trends that are energizing me through the long and darker days of autumn!




I admit, I have been looking for the right jeans for over 2 years now. A pair of jeans that are comfortable, have a perfect fit and go well with any type of shoes: heels, sneakers, mules, boots and loafers! I know, I have unreasonable expectations…


Or do I? 


Moussy official has the perfect jeans for me: high waisted, long legged and with a vintage look that gives it an extra cool edge to it. I love the jeans and got a few pair, so I can wear them every day if I feel like it. To the office, to a meeting – matched with the right styling the Mosey jeans are perfect for every occasion. I can’t believe I finally found what I was looking for!  





What about the cold?


It gets cold in Munich. Like REAL cold. And it’s not even winter yet. How do you cuddle up when you need to go outside, or you want to get a breath of fresh air!? Teddy bear coats! My all-time autumn fashion favourite is my deep red teddy bear coat by Max Mara. It’s a bold colour statement in a season where everything outside is a shade of grey – as well as a comfortable and fun way to stay warm. And – I love this – it goes well with my Mosey jeans! Ha!


Shearling coats are also always in style. I love to wear my last year’s Balenciaga jacket whenever I can. It’s a statement piece AND investment for many years to come!


And who would have guessed… That white is the new black this fall? My third fall fashion trend is likely to surprise you: white boots by Joseph, one of my favourite French brands. They always manage the balance between being fashionable but not too flashy. These simple white boots are comfortable and trendy and go with nearly any look and colour. I’ve worn them with a dress, jeans and even my red teddy bear coat! The only other boots that could be a distraction for me are my dark blue velvet boots with half-heels. Always a pleasure to wear.   




Last but not least:

What would a Vikyandthekid entry be without mentioning accessories!? This seasons favourite is definitely a scarf. Big, knitted and cosy colour statements you can wrap yourself in when the wind gets too piercing and look great at the same time. I love my red Balenciaga oversize scarf as well and my beautiful and soft Loewe dream piece. That, and sailor hats are all the craze. You will see me sporting my grey sailor hat these days for a little extra spice!


To wrap it up.

Fall is cold, wet and dark, BUT it is also full of fun fashion opportunities and layered looks. I hope you liked my inspirations and love the three fall colours red, white and camel as much as I do!

Happy wrapping,

                 Love, Viky