Flower Power by Viktor & Rolf

My dear Ladies (and Gentlemen),

Yesterday I left my home to catch some fresh air and stretch my legs. Deep in thought I was walking alongside Munich’s beautiful river, the Isar, when I started noticing not only how mild it was, but also that the trees were blossoming. Right then in there I knew I was witnessing the first throes of spring and I can’t tell you how happy that made me!

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Spring is in the air

Hello Fellow Trendsetters and Lifestyle Beacons!

Today I get to write about one of my favourite topics again: Wellbeing, natural ingredients and detox. When I’m not obsessing about fashion and how to mix and match new styles to life, I’m researching for organic and healthy skin products. Your skin often reflects your lifestyle and health level – when I get too stressed or am eating badly, my skin is the first to tell me, and BOY, it’s bossy! You can imagine that I’m very quick to comply: happy skin, happy me!

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La Roche-Posay Lipikar Ap+ care

Dear Mommies, Babies and Toddlers,

I am super excited about my topic today! As you probably know (well, now you do!), I have two small boys, one is just 5 months old, the other a very active 3-year-old. As a mother of small children, you must have a pretty strict morning and evening regime to make sure all you children’s needs are met: happy boys, happy mommy.

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Beauty by Nature: A4 COSMETICS.

Hello my Lovelies,

As with all things beautiful and beautifying, I enjoy discovering and writing about said discoveries. Some products that I will introduce today I have been using for some time, some are very new, but all have one very important matter in common: they are natural and organic cosmetic products!

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