An Ode to an Essence – Armani’s New Perfume, Si



An Ode to an Essence – Armani’s New Perfume, Si 


Si resonates with me on levels I didn’t imagine possible. In a way that word represents my life -YES.

Yes to business, to love, to growth and passion.

Every day I face new and old challenges that make me give my all to life. Be it as a mother or a business woman, I do everything 100% and more. Life is about shades of grey (no reference to the movie, lol): every aspect can be much of everything, if you think about it. In a day of fashion there is craziness, sweetness, a drop of darkness and a touch of light.

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August Summer Fading

As summer gradually starts fading into the first precursors of fall, I take a good look at my beauty routine and make sure that I am up to date with everything my skin needs.

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My Love Story…

Hello Beautiful,

I hope you woke up with a smile on your face this morning, because you deserve it! And what is not to smile about – the sun is out, nature is in full blossom and it’s the time of growth and change.

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