Cybex MIOS x Viky

My Dear Mommies or Mommies-to-Be,

I hope you are enjoying these beautiful and sunny summer days. Some of the past weeks have been extremely hot, but I think better that way than the opposite, right!?

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Happy Birthday, Matteo.

There are few things in life that shake up your essence in a good way, changing how you see life in general. Having a baby is one of them. It cannot be described – there was no way I could have guessed the deep love that flooded me the first time my boys were laid into my arms. Every moment of my life has a sweet song to it now, sometimes a fine tune in the background while I’m working and traveling, and sometimes a divine orchestra while playing with them or holding them while they sleep.

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Il Gufo Boys Meets Christmas

Hi my Lovelies,

As you know I have gone into crazy-mom-decoration-mode. In a frenzy of gold, glitter, sparkles and knit my boys and I flitz around the house decorating everything that can’t escape us (and some things that try… ask our dog Tiffany) leaving a Christmas feeling in our wake.

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