Il Gufo Boys Meets Christmas

Hi my Lovelies,

As you know I have gone into crazy-mom-decoration-mode. In a frenzy of gold, glitter, sparkles and knit my boys and I flitz around the house decorating everything that can’t escape us (and some things that try… ask our dog Tiffany) leaving a Christmas feeling in our wake.

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Christmas time with “Lodenfrey”

Hi my lovelies,

Christmas time means different things to different people. Everybody likes and dislikes different aspects of the season, and for me it is a magical time with my family and getting lost in decoration. Everything about the Advent weeks is precious to me: I love the food, the drinks (mulled wine, yum!), the cold weather, the lights in the evening, the rich colours in the decorations and how Christmas brings family and friends closer together. During most of the year, less is more to me, but now I immerse myself in layers and layers of fabrics, colours and ornaments celebrating indulgence.

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Luca Visits the Christmas Tree in Falcotto Sneakers!

Hi my Darlings,

When going outside with children this time of the year it’s all about organisation and efficiency. You will find yourself in at least 3 different temperature zones: the freezing cold outside, the blazing heat inside of shops and restaurants and the in-between, which is cold-ish but doesn’t require full gear. If you dress your kids for the shops and restaurants, you don’t have the flexibility to do a detour in the cold. If you dress them too warm, they tend to leave a trail of clothes and shoes behind them, sometimes ending in a flustered family going home with one boot less.

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Summer Boys

Hello my Lovelies!

Even though there are days that should be all about “Me, Myself and I” enjoying fashion, fitness and style, most of the time someone else is the star of my show. Or let’s say TWO someone else’s: Matteo and Luca.

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