CYBEX x Viky

After working with CYBEX for a while now and them being somehow part of my family, it was great to finally meet the whole team at their Berlin fashion show on the 5th. It was hosted at the Secret Garden, and with guests, such as Karolina Kurkova, glamourous and fun. But really the best part was to sit and chat with the CYBEX founders, Anna K, their shooting star designer (Ukrainian like me, what is not to love about that!?) and be able to tell them how much I love their products and working with them.

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Cybex Travel Sensation

One of the best (and most exhausting) parts of being a fashion and lifestyle blogger as well as wife to my adventurous husband, is the travelling. I love it, you know it, but every additional family member makes it more strenuous and taxing.

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Artipoppe Baby Carrier

As the mother of a young child, there is nothing more beautiful than having your baby rest next to your heart, and being able to sniff the sweet baby-scent on the head. (I know, for other people that sounds a bit crazy, but I promise you: every parent will get a glazed smile thinking about baby-scent and agree.) But, a child, even a newborn, gets very heavy very fast, so no one can carry the baby around all day. I have tried 4 (!) baby wrap-carriers, even going so far as to try a large cloth and selfwrap it. But other than me fearing Matteo will slip out, the cloth cutting off his circulation, or it being simply bulky and unpractical, I couldn’t find something that worked until the Artipoppe Baby Carrier came along.

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Cybex MIOS x Viky

My Dear Mommies or Mommies-to-Be,

I hope you are enjoying these beautiful and sunny summer days. Some of the past weeks have been extremely hot, but I think better that way than the opposite, right!?

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