How Time can Fly with Longines

Sometimes my job requires me to travel from party to event. And while that sounds glamourous (it most certainly is), it also sometimes leads to me catching a 7 am red eye to Frankfurt after a night of celebration in Monaco… By now I am very stingy with my time, and no one less than Longines could have persuaded me to. But, as I landed in Frankfurt last Sunday, to be whisked away to Baden Baden by shuttle, I could clearly see that I had made the right decision.

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Hello Friends and Christmas Enthusiasts

I have always been an all-year-round chocolate kinda girl. There is never a wrong time to have a bite of delicious dark chocolate, or a taste of creamy milk chocolate. But there is a season where I go into a bit of a frenzy, and you can guess which season that is… You’re absolutely right, it’s Christmas time!

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Kitchen Highlights

Good morning to all my coffee-maniacs!

I don’t often delve into interior design, even though it is an exciting little hobby which I was able to indulge when my family built our house. But it is a passion of mine and, as promised, I am happy to write my monthly entry all about my favourite room in the house. That is – you guessed right – the kitchen!

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Kids Interior Design

Two years of research on interior design, playing around with furniture and colors will get you to find not only your own decoration style, but allow you to match it to your child’s personality.

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