Best of Fashion Weeks

It’s officially the end of the first Fashion Week 2017. And even though it is the most exciting, exhilarating and beautiful time in the year, being back home with my three men is pure bliss. Nothing smells and feels better than holding your baby in your arms, your toddler on your lap and resting in the arms of your man. But enough sappy feel-good stories – you have asked a lot of questions about the fashion week, and I am here to answer them!

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Oman – “Six Senses Zighy Bay”

„We’ve landed in Paradise!” were my first thoughts and words when we arrived after a long car drive and a 5.5-hour flight. Luca and Matteo (3 and 1) were a bit exhausted from the flight, but nothing seemed to be a problem anymore, as soon as we set foot onto the heavenly beach haven. The moment I walked into our room, I made a decision: for the whole week, I wouldn’t wear my high heels, and would allow my skin to get a full dosage of Vitamin D while being make-up free the whole stay. This would be a time to wind down, just enjoy and relax.

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Farfetch Dubai Ambassadors gathering

Hi my Darlings!

Due to two little dictators more or less ruling my schedule, I am a bit late to write about my Farfetch ambassador trip to Dubai. But it has been lingering with me for the last week, and I dare say my tiny little tan hasn’t faded yet. You may have seen some Instagram pictures of the trip, but even the best pictures pale in comparison with how amazing it was! The weather was off-the-chart warm, and I was spoiled rotten by the Farfetch team. Combining work with pleasure was a beautiful experience and I am grateful to be a member of the ambassadors.

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Trends from Paris streets

Hello My Ladies!

It’s just been over a week since the Fashion Weeks are over, but things are always moving so fast that it almost feels like it was yesterday. I won’t complain about the fast track my life is on at the moment, though – too many exciting things are happening. If it’s not a new deal or discovering a cool brand, it’s something Matteo suddenly does, or a new word that pops out of Luca. WOW!

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