Hello, my lovely readers, I warmly welcome you to my favourite time of the year: the Christmas season! Of course my favourite season comes along with my favourite colour, that being red along with pine green. There is so much excitement in the air already even though it is just December first, with over 3 more weeks to go before Christmas! Today Luca opened the first door of his advent calendar and discovered the great joy of a Chocolate Christmas Countdown.

What makes December so special for me is the energy – The winter air is full of cinnamon and mulled wine scents, as people fill the streets on a merry (if you start soon enough, it CAN be merry) search for the perfect present or two.

Of course I'm big on the searching – some may say obsessed – for something special you can only get during this time. I love finding a fun outfit to match with my son, Luca, or a decoration for our home. After all, I have the perfect excuse to make the house sparkle as much as I can…

And it's not just about shopping! It's about crafting, cooking, baking and making. I love to make the festive traditional German pine centrepieces called “Adventskranz” with the four candles you light one Sunday of December at a time. And healthy yet delicious cookies to go with tea time in front of the fireplace. Now the only thing missing is snow to make everything picture-book perfect.

So from today on I will begin my Christmas outfit adventure and share all the best tips about where to shop, which new hair trends to try out and what sparkling evening outfits to choose. I promise there will be a lot of red, gold, silver, white and green!

Are you looking for ideas how to dress up your little ones? Looking for inspiration regarding presents? Follow my posts and on instagram, I'm sure you'll find the one or other idea!

Have a wonderful 1st of December – We are officially in a Christmas mood!!








IMG_2374 IMG_2471

Vita Kin Red Blouse a perfect piece with a jeans for cosy Chrsitmas with Family .

Altuzzara Red Suit click here to shop this Look/




/Lanvin earrings click here to shop/


Today Look:

/Aigner backpack/

/Saint Laurent sneakers/click here to shop

/Celine Coat/

/Joseph Knitwear/

Luca outfit:

/Jacadi overall /

/Bonpoint booties/

/Mima Stroller /