Of course I did not forget the smallest members of the family – the ones who enjoy unpacking the most. Just watching our children ecstatically ripping open presents is almost enough for me.

Now that my son is 19 months, I think I can say I am somewhat an expert in what makes little boys (or at least him) very happy. And even though I doubt children quite understand the concept of Christmas and gifting at that age, they do know that good things come in colourful parcels. This year I started looking for presents for 1 ½ to 2 years, and you may guess where I looked first: Bonpoint! When I first started looking for kids toys I was surprised and thrilled about how big the selection and how good the quality in general is, but Bonpoint will always be my first stop for Luca.

Here are my top 10 plus 1 gift ideas for children, both girls and boys. I may not have a daughter, but I do have a good idea of what they like:

One of Bonpoint’s talents is definitely accessories for children’s rooms. They have an amazing selection of sweet pillows and deco pieces that will make every room look like a childhood dream. I’m also in love with their cases and boxes for girls – Adorable and useful in many ways. For Luca it’s pretty clear what to buy: the mini old-timer cars are his all-time favourite and so easy to travel and play with.

Smallable.com has a great selection for boys and girls. Their kitchen set is unisex and beyond adorable. Kids play for hours cooking and shopping for food and the set fits beautifully in any kind of room. You can get your child their first bike on that site and shop for princess dresses at Bonpoint.com.

The Steiff Teddy bear is a classic, and I dare say a must-have as well as a collectable. They are so soft, cuddly and cute, they even make grown up hearts melt.

Below you can find some more ideas, I love sharing with you, and I really hope you find the right present you are happy with! Enjoy shopping and let me know if there is anything I can help you with!

kids gift

1.Dress from Bonpoint /www.bonpoint.com

2.Hair accessories for girls from Bonpoint /

3.Kids parfum to 40th Anniversary of Bonpoint (limited) www.bonpoint.com

4.Light installation from Smallable /www.smallable.com

5.Nobodinoz from smallable/www.smallable.com

6.Kids Kitchen Howa  from smallable.com

7. Bike Kiddimoto from Smallable.com

8.Adidas x Bonpoint collaboration sneakers /www.bonpoint.com

9.Steiff Bear /www.steiff.com

10.Wall deco from Smallable/www.smallable.com