Hi my lovelies,

Christmas time means different things to different people. Everybody likes and dislikes different aspects of the season, and for me it is a magical time with my family and getting lost in decoration. Everything about the Advent weeks is precious to me: I love the food, the drinks (mulled wine, yum!), the cold weather, the lights in the evening, the rich colours in the decorations and how Christmas brings family and friends closer together. During most of the year, less is more to me, but now I immerse myself in layers and layers of fabrics, colours and ornaments celebrating indulgence.
My excitement is certainly contagious because I can get my usually stoic husband to eagerly start organising our family Christmas tree. And when I take my boys to the Christmas market, even Matteo, who doesn’t have much sense yet of what is going, on tries to snag a bit of sausage or crepe. This year it’s a bit premature, but next year I’m sure him and Luca will join forces to pillage the sweats and candy stands.

I always love being in Munich, but during ‘Adventszeit’ the whole city turns into a magical winter wonderland. All the lights, the scent of freshly baked gingerbread wafting through the air, and the merry groups of friends drinking mulled wine out in the cold just create the most beautiful atmosphere with smiles all-around. One of the beautifully decorated stores will lure you into entering and standing in awe: LODENFREY. LODENFREY is one of the oldest luxury clothes stores in Munich and has a beautiful range of handpicked items by Munich’s favourite international designers. You can get everything from jeans to a ballgown in the highest quality, and on the 4th floor the kids section will bring you too tears… They have everything for babies all the way to teenagers, and I love shopping for Luca and Matteo for HOURS.

For the winter season, I’m keeping Luca mostly traditional, with a timeless Ralph Lauren pants, shirt and sweater with bear print. He looks so snuggly and cute. Matteo I’m finding irresistible in gentleman style. It contrasts so adorably with his baby face. He’s wearing an Il Gufo blazer plus Gucci shirt, Ralph Lauren trousers and Tartine et Chocolat mini booties. He had to be rescued from being smootched by me for hours.

For the first option I love the dress by ‘Opening Ceremony’ in multi-coloured stripes combined with my Chanel booties, wavy hair and long earrings.  Vola, mommy is ready to celebrate!

The second option is one of my favourite and most comfortable: cool boyfriends jeans, red and white striped knit sweater by IHeart and Aquazurra sandals in traditional red to underline my Christmas mood.

The second option for Matteo is the snowflake look, which fits perfectly to him because he is always a smiling and happy baby. The grey/white snowflake overall is from Tartine et Chocolat, the fluffy white vest by Theophie and Patachou making him look like a marshmallow.

Luca is keeping it cool with a striped Gucci top and velvet pants – staying in top of the trend as well as being able to run and jump.

Tiffy gets to keep her look clear cut, furry and natural, being naked suits her well 😉

I hope you guys enjoy my ideas for looks and don’t forget: those Christmas photos last a lifetime!

If you are still unsure of what to wear, why not head to the Lodenfrey online store, or – if you are lucky enough to be in Munich these next few weeks – walk into the store in person and see if they can inspire you!

Enjoy your Holidays and Christmas vibes, please stay tuned for more!

Your Vik

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