Hi my Darlings,

When going outside with children this time of the year it’s all about organisation and efficiency. You will find yourself in at least 3 different temperature zones: the freezing cold outside, the blazing heat inside of shops and restaurants and the in-between, which is cold-ish but doesn’t require full gear. If you dress your kids for the shops and restaurants, you don’t have the flexibility to do a detour in the cold. If you dress them too warm, they tend to leave a trail of clothes and shoes behind them, sometimes ending in a flustered family going home with one boot less. So, when I got ready to take Luca to see the city hall Christmas tree, I was contemplating how to dress him… Thankfully, Falcotto has a beautiful collection of shoes for every weather and circumstance, making it easy to head out the door without hours of planning a schedule. Lucas beloved red leather sneakers give him enough grip to run and play, the flexibility and freedom to sit and squat whenever he wishes and with warm socks he’s equipped for a bit of blistering cold, as well as the warmth.

Dressed in the red Falcotto sneakers, warm socks, grey jeans, blue jacket and red scarf, Luca and I hit the city, him dressed in all my favourite Christmas colours to fit the festive mood of Munich and my little family. It was lovely to see his eyes light up upon discovering the over 5 meter city hall tree blinking in the dark while he nibbled on a chocolate Santa. Now that he is old enough to understand what is going on, and the Santa will be coming to his house, soon, it is double the fun.

I think you can tell how happy he is in our pictures. We had a beautiful day, and the Falcotto shoes easily held up during our 3 hours of Christmas shopping and enjoying the streets of Munich.

I hope you enjoy your festive days and don't forget to visit the town/city Christmas tree with your kids, they truly love it!

Your Vik