Brrr… It’s getting colder every day – I think I need to face reality: winter isn’t coming… IT’S HERE!
As soon as it gets colder, my internal skin-clock (yes, it’s a thing, lol) tells me that it’s time to up my skin care game and get out the creams that can take care of early morning fatigue, grey skin tones and dry pores. I am very much a summer and spring person who does not need many products to feel comfortable, but winter is a completely different case.

Since I want to make sure that my face and cleavage have all their needs met, I developed an early morning routine starting with lots of vitamins, face oils, reparation masks and other essentials. Preparation for make up can be crucial to give the skin a protective layer that lasts all day.

Every year I find myself coming back to La Mer Eye Concentrate Balsam. It is so rich and nourishing that my eyes stay shining and bright until night. Along with Estée Lauder’s ‘Wake Up Balm” that gives an immediate radiance boost I am ready to face (literally) anything the day throws at me.

If you are older than 21, you might want to start using anti aging creams at least during the wintertime when your skin is under constant attack by weather conditions. The Anti Aging Cell Power Crème by Estée Lauder’s is my absolute, non negotiable, must-have. I use it every morning trusting its protection to keep my skin from cracking. I can see the effect it has on my face, and if I keep using it some more, I might be able to turn back time. Lol.

Another tip of mine is not to neglect your body. All of your body will be suffering under coldness outside and dry heating air inside. I take a bath every second day and just soak myself in natural oils until I feel fresh and elastic again. Sometimes, while in the bath or after, I add some Beauty Elixir by A4 that soaks in beautifully, helping my skin regenerate. A4 products are completely organic and eco friendly, so I know I’m really doing good for my body and the environment.

During the day I seldom wear make up foundation – usually just for nights out, if needed – so powders and concealers are my best friend: Terry compact powder or Armani Illuminated Powder are my favorites and I love using the concealer Shiseado makes.

Of course one can’t do a beauty ritual without considering a very important feature: hair! I change my hair styles every two months or so, and that often involves a new color which can be quite strenuous for my tresses.  Kerastase Serum takes care of damaged length and ends, making sure my hair stays shiny and keeps its bounce.

In my handbag I always carry a bottle of Avene thermal water spray for a quick refreshing and a bottle of water to drink – all these lovely cremes and lotions can’t help you if you don’t drink enough!

Stay tuned for more beauty news,

Your Viky