One of the biggest worries when you have your second child is that your first one may feel neglected or jealous of the newcomer. A baby is a lot of work, and it can be rather easy to concentrate on taking care of a baby rather than a well behaved toddler.
Thankfully Luca rejoiced at welcoming Matteo home. It is heart-warming to watch him making sure Matteo always has enough blankets, toys and stuffed animals around. And the two of them cuddle like little angels, raising the “awwwwe-factor” through the roof. A baby brother is a lot of change and I am relieved he is accepting the newest Rader addition with lots of love. We already have a ritual of visiting the nursery together before Kindergarten, and I have the feeling there are many more to come.

Luca himself is still my little star, and dressed in his cool Karl Lagerfeld outfit, you can tell nobody is going to steal his spotlight. Once again Karl Lagerfeld had his fingers on the Pulse of fashion, creating a fun and cool collection for small children. I was very touched to get some pieces for the summer, and both Luca and Matteo look adorable. You bet I will be posting some of the looks!

A mini-me trend has caught my attention as well: some designers and labels are putting out kid’s collections that make toddlers look like tiny teenager fashion icons. It’s a lot of fun styling Luca that way while he is still able to romp around the house like the energetic little devil that he is.

I hope you enjoyed the toddler styling entry, and here is where you find more information about Karl Lagerfeld’s kids collection from 3 months on.


Your Viky!