My Dear Mommies or Mommies-to-Be,

I hope you are enjoying these beautiful and sunny summer days. Some of the past weeks have been extremely hot, but I think better that way than the opposite, right!?


I’m happy to finally be able to sit with quietly with an ice tea and have some precious alone-time to tell you all about the latest mommies and kids updates in my life. As you may have noticed, I’m a big globe trotter and passionate traveller. I travel a lot both for work and personal reasons, and many times I take my kids along with me. I really love that they get to see the world and that they can be with me while I’m trying to organise my life between them and my two projects (This site and which launched 3 months ago). I absolutely couldn’t do it without the help of family and friends, and, of course, proper equipment!

If you have two small children, you need to have high-functioning equipment that makes your life easier, not more complicated! I’m always on the lookout for that one miracle stroller or buggy, and so far, Cybex outperforms everyone on the market. I bought my first grey Platinum Stroller when Luca was 7 months old. It was perfect for the city, easy to fold and multifunctional which is essential.


But since Matteo joined our family, I realized that I needed a more compact one and started looking for something like the wonderful Platinum model by Cybex. Searching high and low got me nowhere until 2 months ago when Cybex came out with their new model Cybex MIOS which is similar to the little brother of the Platinum version. It’s the perfect size, super easy to fold and is so light and multifunctional. Yay, I say! What else do you need?!

When Cybex reached out for a collaboration, they didn’t have to write twice. They are definitely my favourite stroller company, and you will be able to spot me happily pushing Matteo through the various cities of this world with a smile on my face.



If you aren’t as enthusiastic as I am yet, allow me to point out some of the great features:

  • stately design + quality
  • light & easy to fold
  • beautiful colour options & fabrics
  • compact & comfortable for my baby boy
  • stylish (which is, of course, not the least point for mommy like me 😋)

On my insta stories, you will see me with the Cybex MIOS strolling about my day in the butterfly version. You might even see me folding it and placing it in the car holding a Starbucks cup of tea AND talking on the phone at the same time – that’s how practical it is. The lightness is astonishing, even Luca can easily navigate the stroller (which he loves to do) over cobblestone in the pedestrian part of town. Just a week after rigorous testing while traveling shows that I will never part from this gem of a stroller!

Of course, if you have a super stylish stroller, it’s very tempting to dress up your kids, so I went all out with the beautiful new Stella McCartney kid’s collection, turning Luca and Mateo into two mini cool-dudes. The two sets we got for our holiday and traveling time is uniquely playful and gorgeous. And being with the boys is always fun, especially when they make everyone who sees them cool.

But… I’ll allow the images to speak for themselves…

Enjoy & let me know if I can be helpful in any way. It’s definitely worth it to try MIOS, please find and order your own special stroller through the link below:

Have fun,
Your Viky & the kid “s”