Just when you think you know most things about fashion, a company comes along and surprises you…

I’ve always liked Cybex because of their functional and sleek engineering of baby strollers and carriers. They are most certainly the Mercedes of strollers, and you couldn’t go wrong with them. But now they’ve started their second collaboration with the American designer Jeremy Scott. And while he’s known for his pop art style laced with humour, I dare say his latest master piece is a stroller called Cybex PRIAM. This multi-function stroller is elegant in black, with golden accents in the wheels. You can add and take away different elements, shaping it to the needs of your child during the development. And if that wasn’t cool enough, he added his signature golden wings to both sides of the PRIAM stroller making sure your baby is represented like the gift of the gods that it is.

Last night the stroller was launched at a fabulous event in Milan, and even though I could not make it, I know it rocked. This beauty is definitely on my wish list for my next child.

I just love how Jeremy Scott and Cybex are not afraid to work together in a seemingly unlikely collaboration. It almost conflicts with the cute T-Shirt that goes with the limited edition stroller saying “Adults suck and then you’re one” – if you’re able to create fun things like this, being an adult can’t suck too bad!