One of the best (and most exhausting) parts of being a fashion and lifestyle blogger as well as wife to my adventurous husband, is the travelling. I love it, you know it, but every additional family member makes it more strenuous and taxing.

But instead of moaning and groaning (ok, there is a BIT of that…), I do what I do best: researching what the market has to offer, and then choosing the best, and – of course – best looking.

You may have already read in a previous blog post, that I am collaborating with my favourite stroller brand, Cybex, for quite a while now, and they have not let me down once. All of my strollers and baby carriers are from them, and now they have sent me their exciting new baby car seat. I am using it every single day, and I am now here to share my experience, and quite frankly singing its praise:

forte1 213
forte1 211

Matteo’s new baby seat is made with a sturdy yet comfortable melange of grey fabric. He loves to snuggle into it and it is easy to clean. Its flexibility is unbelievable: you can rotate the seat easily by 360 degrees, seating the baby towards or against driving direction. The mould of the seat is so comfortable for him, that when I take him out of the car, he prefers to keep snoozing in the seat, rather than changing into a stroller. And it is light enough to carry him around for a while without straining myself. Safety is a big issue for me, therefore the seat belt system plays a big part in keeping me reassured that he’s safe.

forte1 171
forte1 207
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The Cybex Muse Camouflage Butterfly Stroller ( )  for Luca has proven its worth on a whole bunch of trips now. Especially it is valuable on flights. I routinely fold it together and out in 30 seconds or less, and it is light enough for me to grab at Lucas pants while putting the stroller on the conveyor belt at the security check with my other arm. The wheels are big enough to handle uneven surfaces, but small enough to navigate through tight spaces. The lovely style of the stroller is just icing on the cake: the perfect product for mothers with babies.

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Two kids and 3 years of trial and error have left me with Cybex as my premium choice, and please do check out my Instagram account: where my kids are, Cybex is never far away!

Please check here if you find one you like   

Let me know what you think, comments are my favourite part of blogging,

Love, Vik