After working with CYBEX for a while now and them being somehow part of my family, it was great to finally meet the whole team at their Berlin fashion show on the 5th. It was hosted at the Secret Garden, and with guests, such as Karolina Kurkova, glamourous and fun. But really the best part was to sit and chat with the CYBEX founders, Anna K, their shooting star designer (Ukrainian like me, what is not to love about that!?) and be able to tell them how much I love their products and working with them.

German celebrities, such as Nina Bott and Moritz Bleibtreu, came to support the company as well as enjoy the event, walking in footsteps of international stars using CYBEX products since years. – I mean if Cate Blanchett and Keira Knightley swear on the strollers, they must be doing something right!


I am not exaggerating when I say that CYBEX has been an integral part of my life, since I bought my first CYBEX stroller even before Luca’s birth: every trip, abroad or to the market around the corner, has been made easier and more fun than with any other stroller I have ever tried. Once you have two kids to haul around, you become grateful for small but meaningful things! And it's not just strollers: the car seat I got for Matteo is a wonder of style, safety and flexibility. With him in it I don't mind driving around town all day for my various appointments. If that isn't enough to make anyone a fan, CYBEX dropped the exciting news that they will be expanding their furniture and accessory collection further. I am super picky about what I bring into my house, but the two high chairs blend in perfectly with their fun stitching and elegant sturdiness, and I can't wait for them to have more pieces that are fun for both the children and the parents.


Of course, the show was great, the new Space Rocket collection is too cute for words, food and ambience as lovely as the brand, making it a night to remember.

Thank you, CYBEX, for allowing me to be a part of your exciting journey, you certainly have been a big part of mine!

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Much love

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