The great part about styling in the winter season are the many layers you can use. You don’t just have a dress and a light jacket – no, you have a t-shirt, then a long sleeve shirt, then a jumper, then a scarf, then a jacket and maybe a vest over a jacket. Not to mention the endless combinatory possibilities for accessorizing. During these rather colourless months, I love to use strong and vibrant shades such as red and gold, but for this shooting I chose shades of (innocent) grey. Usually I’m not a big fan, but I felt inspired and had fun mixing and matching the different grey and silver nuances along with darker accessories. Layer after layer of grey kept me warm and feeling like a million bucks. You can do the same, and if you want to add some drama to your outfit, choose a fuchsia scarf or maybe a dark orange hat. My easy-going scarf is by Joseph and a dream of softness.

Daily style advice:

Short fur jackets are easy to combine in a cool and easy way. Knitwear, especially cashmere comes in all kinds of thickness and texture, you can pile layer on layer for that cosy warm feeling! I like to advise focusing on accessories. With that you can transform any outfit into your own individual look. Just imagine the exact same styling, but one with a classic fedora hat by Maison Michel and the other with a funky fur cap – it completely transforms it!

Ugg and Moon boots are always comfy and warm, but sneakers with fur fillings are my choice of the season: they are warm, comfortable and easy to combine with jeans.

Of course a backpack adds that casual flair while being extremely handy. When I go to the playground or to the city with my son, there are a million things I need to bring, such as warm tea and toys. A backpack takes it all in and if it’s by Aigner, it’s an eye catcher as well. Win-win.

It was a pleasure to share this December Street style issue with you, and the rest of the month will be filled with the most exciting fashion pieces, travel advice and kid’s adventure tips! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram, too!