My friends often wonder how I can manage all the things that I do and keep up with the high intensity. For me it’s normal and doing nothing is not an option, but the other day my friend actually pinched me to make sure I wasn’t a robot in disguise…! My team had hoped for a little vacation after the birth of my second son, but I was up and posting in the same week, keeping them on their toes, as my family does with me. I guess part of the secret is doing what you love, the other part is having daily habits that strengthen and power you up: As the energetic and busy woman that I am, my morning ritual is essential for my wellbeing during the day. I wake up, make sure my children are happy and taken care of. Then I make myself a beautiful cup of Envivo Lungo by Nespresso, and go through my mails, catching up with my clients and readers.

Nothing gets me going like an intense and luxuriously delicious Envivo Lungo cappuccino in the morning. As a hot-beverage-connoisseur I was especially excited to try the newest addition to Nespresso’s already impressive range of coffees. I expected only the best, but I have to say I was blown away by Envivo Lungo: finally, a coffee which temperament matches my own! Strong yet elegant, it blends perfectly with foamed almond milk, adding to its already light caramel note. I have one in bed, and then one for on the go, making sure that I start the day with a smile and a sparkle in my eyes. If you love your coffee, I strongly advise you to try Envivo Lungo, you can find it on their website as of today! A great launch for a coffee, that gives you a great launch into the day.