What a weekend at Marrakesh, I can only marvel at the beauty and colourful diversity of the Moroccan jewel of a city.

You may be wondering how I keep up my travelling, just this week I have been to 3 different countries, and I will admit it’s not always easy. But I have a new rule since a few months, and that is to travel in comfort AND in style… Did you know that the average flight passenger walks 1.5 miles in each airport? That’s 3 miles a trip, not to mention getting to an airport at the first place. Heels are not an option unless you have masochistic tendencies, so you can imagine how enthusiastic I was to discover I loved sneakers!

A woman can never have too many shoes, and it seems the same applies for sneakers: I have over 10 pairs and my collection is constantly growing. Recently I fell in love with the shoe brand Voile Blanche, an Italian sneakers company that mixes artisanal craftmanship with Italian creativity. I discovered them just before my trip to Verona a few weeks ago and fittingly used them to roam the lovely streets of the city.

Voile Blanche designs cool city-chic and sporty shoes that are comfortable enough for a whole day on your feet. I really enjoyed combining the chocolate and bronze shades of my sneakers with my urban outfit. We share the attitude that freedom to experiment is the source of joy derived out of fashion. While most sneakers can get cold during the winter, Voile Blanche has always the best fashionable solution. Now my feet will stay warm and look cool 😉.

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In Cooperation with Voile Blanche