My Lovely Ladies,

Welcome to my last – but definitely not least – Wiesn post with our amazing collaboration partners, Lodenfrey. This post is all about pure fashion and styling a beautiful Dirndl into the masterpiece of a look.

Some may think traditional dresses would be hard to style or give a modern touch. It may seem hard to find the right shoes, especially if you are planning to dance the whole night without your feet falling off. Or how to choose the right bag that fits your lip gloss, iPhone, hairbrush and powder… But, quite the contrary! With the right accessories (and there are a million-and-one ways to add some glam) you can personalise your Dirndl to make yourself shine and flaunt your fashion mastermind at the same time.

While there are many beautiful ways to create your own unique look, I do advise to start planning a bit ahead of time: some accessories are hard to get, and you will have to do one or two days of shopping to find everything from ankle socks to a perfect Wiesn bag. I spent the last few weeks experimenting and think I finally found a result I’m very happy with. This year I’m going with ‘less is more’, not adding too many things as my dress is already quite colourful in its combination.

My first Dirndl from Meindl exclusive for Lodenfrey is a very chic mix of soft leather on the top and a cotton combination skirt. Leather is a big trend this year, and I love experimenting with this for a traditional dress very unusual mix. Since you know my weakness for folklore style, you will not be surprised that I went for a bold brown hat? with stitching by “Cover Nr1”. For a long night of dancing, my stylish sleepers of choice are from Prada, and I’m thrilled to say I found the perfect size bag by YSL. – I simply can’t wait for the Oktoberfest to begin!

The second Dirndl from Lanz is almost the opposite style: it sports some of my favourite colours of mint, green, blue and white, reminding me of a fresh and young Gucci look. Naturally I will wear my beloved floral Dionysus Gucci bag and silver sparkling pumps. Just for a little more ‘wow’ I will be wearing the Dior mirror sunglasses either in blue or in silver… I haven’t decided yet! To be honest, I am so in love with the look that I might even wear it to the fashion week!

Bottom line is: don’t be afraid to experiment, it’s so much fun, and I guarantee you will look lovely.

I hope you liked the blog post, please feel free to ask any questions, I’m here to help.

Shop the look – click here: Fashion meets Tracht

Your Vik!