My friend has been hounding me for years to come with her to Cannes during the Film Festival….

She kept on swooning about the atmosphere, the weather, the gowns and the parties. Since I am in fashion and have no plans (but never say never, right!? 😉) to ever become an actress, I couldn’t quite see why I should go… What would there be for me? But she had peaked my curiosity, so last year I started reading about the Film Festival and got more in more intrigued – the pictures, the events, the stars and MY GOD, the gowns finally had me hooked.


6 Months of planning later there we were, her and I, walking down the Croisette arm in arm while taking in all of the crazy buzz surrounding the biggest entertainment industry in the world.  

At any given time of the day Cannes offers an interesting mix of tourists in flip flops and t-shirts, people sporting the latest cruise collection and guests rushing towards a red-carpet event in black tie and 20 000 Euro dresses. Here I felt I could unapologetically wear the most outrageous of my outfits and still not cause a scene because that is what Cannes is all about: each little part of the day is used as a platform to promote whatever it is you are working on. Vikyandthekid and Glam-O-Meter fit right in.


In a blur of days rushing by, my friend and I attended a black-tie charity dinner hosted by the Positive Planet foundation, the Grisogono party, went clubbing at Baouli and Gotha, had lunch at the Carlton and the Eden Rock Hotel and – as an absolute highlight –  went to the Amfar Charity Gala. Never have I seen so much glamour, diamonds and champagne in 4 days. Each yacht was bigger than the next, many parties were near impossible to get in to and you would turn around in your chair to notice you were sitting next to a super star.


I guess you can imagine that after the 4 days we were both spent to exhaustion and ready for a holiday. What to do!? – The Monaco race was just starting as the Film Festival finished…


You pack your bags and head to a pre-season St Tropez to chill for a few days with fresh fruits, healthy sea food and lots and lots of naps.

Here you can see my favourite shots of the trip, along with some of the amazing gowns I was able to wear and the amazing atmosphere of the Cote d’Azur.

Lots of love,Vik