Hello Dear Ladies,

Without trying to promote split personality disorder, I think each woman is a bit of every woman all the time.

Am I confusing you?


Allow me to elaborate: I am a fashionista (bordering on obsessed), a very dedicated mother, an enthusiastic wife, a giggly friend to my girls, a sporty spice… You get the drift! I am a bit of every woman, and all the different “me’s” get along beautifully. But every different “me” has a different requirement… The mother needs to be practical, the wife loves to be sensual, the sporty one likes to move. It’s not easy. Or is it!? Finding the perfect outfit for every of these needs is fun, especially if you have a great base to work upon. Talking underwear!


For example, today I’m going all out special and sensual wify-mode. My look should be confident, beautiful and sophisticated, yet comfortable to wear. Almost every woman relishes in beautiful lingerie. Even those of my friends who are hard-core practical with tendencies to granny-panties (yeah, you know who you are) hold their heads a little higher when armoured in lingerie for a special date.


Out of all the different types and collections of women’s wear, the bodysuit is one of the most misunderstood and underestimated pieces. I admit that I used to avoid bodysuits myself. I thought that they would be terribly uncomfortable and had visions of being sawed in half by the upward tendencies of the lower half of the suit. I am a very energetic and active entrepreneur and mother, so during most days I appreciate comfort and will try to go for something easy (though never full-on granny-panty), but I am also a fashionista and addicted to beautiful things. My “One” I swear upon showing all of my roles as a entrepreneur, mother and fashionista therefore has to be a bodysuit.


So you can imagine my surprise and joy when I discovered “Airy Sensation Body” by Triumph. It is, indeed, airy, and I would add: quite sensational. So much, that I decided not to treat it as underwear on my trip to sunny Spain, but to integrate it into my outfit mixed with red, white, a beautiful straw hat, red lips and a little messenger bag by Gucci. The look catapulted me into a mood of Dolce Vita, lightness and a splash of Latina sass. See?  

My husband turned out to be quite a fan of the look, and by the comments and glances of the people at our dinner, not the only one. What do you think? Have I ignited enough of your curiosity to have you at least try a bodysuit? Please do go to Triumph and have a look there. because their high quality will make sure your first bodysuit is the luxurious experience it should be. I am super happy I found my “One” for every side of me in this comfortable yet stylish bodysuit. I am sure whatever needs you have in your life, the right one is just waiting for you at Triumph!


Always yours,